Multichain BSC payments
Multichain BSC payments

Today, we are excited to announce that we will be enhancing the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with our DeFi payment solutions in the close future.

The multi-chain expansion is a new chapter that will commence the countdown for new partnership announcements together with the launch of our scaled integrator acquisition campaigns. In this article, we summarize the most important points that you need to know.

It feels like just yesterday when DePay CEO Sebastian Pape became an ETHOnline finalist with his innovative idea that seemed to answer the fundamental question: ”What is the missing piece for crypto payment mass adoption?”.

Enabling people to accept crypto with ease, converting anything to anything is now reality.

Exactly 4 months and 13 days ago we’ve posted a vision and our first blog article on Medium.

And it’s been barely 3 months since DePay was born at the ETHOnline Hackathon 2020.

We are proud to announce, we have made it!!

Our very first product DePay Payments v1 has now finally gone live.

We proudly announce the first version of our payment protocol smart contract

Even though we already had a working prototype — a beta version — of our payment protocol back in November 2020, after participating in the ETHOnline hackathon, throughout further development we finally arrived at a stage where we can say: Yes, this is version 1.

Provide Uniswap exchange liquidity to help DEPAY grow and earn DEPAY as rewards.

Earn 50% on DEPAY if staked as DEPAY/ETH Uniswap liquidity over 12 months.

Update April 2021

9 unique wallets staked a total of $75'624 USD split into 9'874 DEPAY ($3.83 USD) and 12.01395 ETH ($3'147 USD). They will be rewarded with an additional 3'729 DEPAY in April 2022.

Update March 2021

16 unique wallets staked a total of $108'947 USD split into 9'372 DEPAY ($5.83 USD) and 28.266 ETH ($1'927 USD). …

What is DePay? Our whitepaper is a comprehensive document about the current market situation, the problem we are solving and the tokenomics powering our solution.

This is a huge milestone for us, and we are glad we’ve made it.

In the last couple of weeks, we’ve written down all information that we believe is required to understand what DePay is doing, what problem it solves how DePay fits into the current crypto space, and finally what we plan for the future.

From now on you will find all of this valuable information in a comprehensive format, enriched with supporting graphics, all in our Whitepaper v1.

Download Whitepaper

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Original publication of this article:

What we plan for the next 4 years and when we expect it to hit the market.

Our whitepaper is approaching you in big steps.

This is the last publication in our blog before we release the Whitepaper v1 and I hope you are all ready for the upcoming weekend 🎉

Here is our roadmap to 2024. We are on a mission to simplify payments in the decentralized web and this is just the start 🚀

Sophisticated smart contracts, state of the art user interface components, and widgets enriched with professional cloud-based applications.

ePay’s technology represents an evolutionary step forward based on the groundwork already made within the Decentralized Finance space in 2020.

DePay’s protocols are executed by smart contracts currently deployed on the Ethereum blockchain. These protocols will be further extended and deployed onto inter-blockchains such as Polkadot or Quant in order to empower decentralized payment across blockchains.

The majority of DePay’s products are presented to end-users in the form of user interface components (widgets). These are based on the latest technologies (e.g. Facebook’s React)…

Compliant circulating supply calculations. From linear to curved supply. Price stability through demand insurance and burning program.

We’ve sat down with the Coingecko team. Unfortunately, they as well as CMC later can technically not exclude liquidity locked tokens from the circulating supply number in their systems, because those numbers are heavily fluctuating depending on the current price of our token.

In order to reduce confusion in regards to our circulating supply numbers, we’ve decided to adapt to their strict model of calculating circulating supply numbers, as we believe that way it will cause less confusion down the road.

No! This…

Blockchain is going to become an infrastructure technology, like the internet, and DePay’s payment protocol is unmatched in its field.

Blockchain has captured the world’s attention as the technology that will revolutionize the business and finance world. The impact of Covid-19 has further highlighted the need for traditional banking and financial services to accelerate their digitization and fintech programs.

Decentralized finance facilitates a transparent financial ecosystem where users are in control of their financial assets and transactions. DeFi has already laid the groundwork in 2020, clearing the way for the next evolutionary steps as we move forward.

PwC economists have…

From payment widgets to professional seller dashboards, decentralized credit cards, and the DePay Wallet.

This is the next finished chapter in our whitepaper: the product lineup.

We gave this a lot of thought, and we are thrilled to release all of it over the next 4 years, but let’s head straight into it.

DePay Payments

When it comes to receiving payments within the decentralized web, the DePay Payment solution is unmatched and a leader in the industry. For both buyers and sellers, the solution is easy to use and seamless to integrate. …


Decentralized Payments

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